Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The secret revealed: Writers Can Coook Too!

When do you know you’ve arrived as an author? When you’re invited to contribute a recipe. But even as I basked in the pleasure of being asked, I did not anticipate finding myself in such a respectable company. The Brandeis National Committee (an organization that fund-raises specifically for Brandies University libraries) has had a great relationship with authors, which the Phoenix Chapter smartly converted into a cookbook. When they asked me to contribute a recipe, I did not have to search far for the only recipe I've ever invented, a dessert titled, "Moses' Land of Milk and Honey." And then the book arrived. “Writers Can Cook Too!” presents an extraordinary list of literary luminaries who've contributed to this delightfully tasteful collection: Just some of the A to C names are dazzling: Jeffry Archer, David Baldacci, Nevada Barr, Elizabeth Berg, Lawrence Block, Barbara Tyler Bradford, Sandra Brown, Harlan Coben, Gay Courter and Clive Cussler (and the humble,moi, Talia Carner, among these C names, with my recipe on p. 147….) You’ll find dozens more of America’s best-selling authors and their favorite recipes--all the way to Z--in this little-known treasure. The only problem? You must have a secret password to get this book--the e-mail address of the editor. Only she can sell you a copy! So here is that second secret: Write to Merrill Kalman at mskbflo@aol.com. Enjoy happy and blissful cooking! [Note: All proceeds from the sale of this cookbook will benefit the libraries at Brandeis University. For those who know me, I must clarify that this is separate from HBI, the Brandeis institute on whose board I sit, and which researches Jewish women’s lives past, present and future( Hadassah-Brandeis Institute )] Talia Carner www.TaliaCarner.com Author, Puppet Child & China Doll --and upcoming in 2011, JERUSALEM MAIDEN

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