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HOTEL MOSCOW- The Real Story


Oct. 1993-During the uprising: The Kremlin
and deserted Red Square behind me
In 1993 I ran my New York-based marketing consulting firm whose clients were Fortune 500 companies. I was also a volunteer counselor for the Small Business Administration for women's programs, when I was asked by the U.S. Information Agency to travel to Russia shortly after the fall of communism to teach women entrepreneurial skills.
On my second visit to Moscow, in October 1993, I was caught in the uprising of the Russian parliament against then-president Yeltsin. In the mayhem, I was chased by the militia and was threatened with jail ! 


​The night the American Embassy ensconced me safely in a hotel--before I caught the first flight out in the morning--I wrote a 23-page report to the USIA. Upon returning home, (pre-Internet) I mailed hard copies to all my concerned friends. A month later, at a lunch with a journalist friend, she said, “All it needs is hot sex and you have a novel.”

And thus, on November 3, at 2:48 PM, my writing career began. 


June 2015
That novel, celebrating the valiant Russian women I had met, was never published. However I had done extensive research, and years later, while on book tour for my third published novel,
JERUSALEM MAIDEN, I decided to use the material in a new novel I was penning.

Set in Moscow in 1993 during the uprising of the Russian parliament against Yeltsin, HOTEL MOSCOW is both the story of Russians struggling through transition after the fall of Communism and the personal journey of a visiting American woman who becomes embroiled in investigating a business crime in Moscow. She soon must come to terms with her parents' Jewish legacy in a country steep in anti-Semitism—and her own personal secret that might compromise her future.
Pre-publication, the novel has just received endorsements from the greatest suspense authors of our time!  
Here is what Nelson DeMille writes: "... HOTEL MOSCOW is a finely-drawn tale of a country emerging from its dark Soviet past into a present overshadowed by a new kind of terror and lawless corruption... that will keep the reader mesmerized.... A wonderful evocation of time and place and an insightful post-Cold War thriller which reminds us that in Russia the more that changes, the more that stays the same.” 

Tami Hoag writes: "Talia Carner sweeps us away along with her brave and determined heroine to an exotic and complex time and place, and keeps us riveted with the tension and dangers of international intrigue. A real page-turner!" 

(Read more accolades from best-selling authors, and/or read the first chapter.)

There is no greater pleasure for an author than to share her work with an appreciative audience. Many readers have enjoyed learning more about the background of each of my novels. For HOTEL MOSCOW, I have fascinating tales to share.

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